Clean Water

Pumps for Clean Water

MK Plasma, LLC offers a variety of products for the industrial and municipal markets. Booster pumps are designed for pressure boosting, water supply, liquid transfer, and general service in farm, commercial, and industrial applications. Some models feature a discharge port on the pump casting that allows adjustments in 90° increments to accommodate specific requirements. Choose from 2-stage models that provide a high-volume for high pressure boosting applications. Pressure pumps are suitable for maintaining constant pressure in multibath homes, small apartments, condos, penthouses, residential irrigation systems, and restaurants. Intermittent water boosters are ideal for applications where low, fluctuating, or no water pressure exists. The pump and accumulator tank can maintain consistent water pressure to one or more dispensing valves. Circulating pumps move water through closed loop heat recovery and hydronic systems. Boiler feed pumps move steam and condensate in industrial boilers and heating systems.

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