Chemical Inline Gear Motors

Chemical Inline Gear Motors


MR1, MR2 and MR3 (МР1, МР2 и МР3) parallel shaft inline planetary gear motors specifically designed for chemical equipment. Gear motors deliver the high torque along with the excellent power transmission characteristics and are ideal for applications that demand high power density along with low output speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • Single, double and triple reduction stages.
  • Solid output shaft.
  • Ideal for slow speed.
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting.
  • 3 phase 50 Hz TEFC motor on 230/400 VAC.
  • Optional explosion protection drive.
  • Direct coupling with motor.
  • Resistant to dirt and debris.
  • Synthetic oil lubrication maximum for efficiency and long maintenance free operation.
  • Compatible with most existing industrial machines.


  • Transmission
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • General Industrial Machinery
  • Industry Specific Solutions


  • Ratios to 179:1
  • Output Torque to 70000 Nm (619500 in-lbs)
  • Input Speed to 1500 RPM
  • Power Ratings to 132 kW (177 hp)
  • Case Sizes (length/width/height) from 572/450/450 to 1740/1150/1150 mm (from 22.5/17.7/17.7 to 68.5/45.2/45.2")

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